Horseshoes for Hand Grenades at ert

Written initially as a short story to acknowledge the 100th anniversary of the First World War, Horseshoes for Hand Grenades written by Richard D Cushing, is a poignant and thoughtful drama based around the lives of five people as they experience the ravages of war.

Set on home turf in the East Riding of Yorkshire, we see how these lives are affected by loss, love, lack of work, changed occupation and how those lives are altered unrecognisably over four years of living in near-constant fear.

The tale is narrated by a stoic and reflective blacksmith and is set against beautiful music and a well-crafted set that brings the era to life. Containing emotive events, passionate speeches and sobering thoughts, the audience finds how a local and small community suddenly becomes embroiled and interested in events of national and international importance.

In such life-shattering events it is hard to know what to verbalise, what to feel, and how to digest such horrific events - hard to digest what is heard, felt and understood by the mind but not the heart, but the players do this for us, and do so superbly.

The small cast of five work excellently together and bring to the stage some very strong performances for this sobering drama set over 100 years ago, but at time that will take far longer to erase from society’s mind, and perhaps never should be.

Horseshoes for Hand Grenades runs from 26th September to 19th October in evenings at 7.30pm and with selected matinees at 2.30pm. Tickets: Adults £18, Seniors £17, Students, U23’s £15, Child £12.

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