Bright sparks - do you need them?

Burton Electrical Solutions have been keeping the people of East Riding Safe solving electrical problems for the past 10 years along with installing new electrical systems, indoors and outdoors.

Andy Burton can tell a story or two, he has seen a few horror installations along the way. By the nature of his work occasionally he will be required to carry out some correction  electrical work which others have carried out in good faith, to solve a problem, but can only be referred to as "Dangerous"..

Have a look at the picture and ask yourself - is this a safe install. Someone thought it may be handy to have an extension into the bathroom, handy to the shower, without consideration of the consequences. 

In reality around 70 people die and in excess of 1.2 million are injured in electrical accidents at home. Most of these could have been avoided by consulting a qualified electrical engineer.

Remember that loose wires do cause fires. If you have any concerns.

You can contact Burton Electrical Solutions on 01964 552769.

Keep your eyes open. You could save someone's life. 

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