Lynn weight lifting

Lynne Auton took up weightlifting to get fitter and beat osteoporosis. As she improved, her coach encouraged her to enter for age and weight appropriate competitions. She is now the proud owner of 3 medals, having most recently won the Northern Masters in Ellesmere Port where she got a PB in the Clean and Jerk at 52kgs.

Lynne competes in 2 disciplines at English level at the moment: Snatch and Clean & Jerk. Each competition requires 3 attempts at the chosen weight before progressing to the next weight level. By winning at national level, the natural progression is to British, European and the World Championships and Lynne already has her eye at competing at the British championships next year!

Lynne trains four times a week, guided by Sam Young of Strong For Life, individually and with a squad. She does Cross-Fit, aerobic dance, squats and general fitness training along with lifting. She is self-motivated but winning is spurring her on to achieve more. She would encourage others, especially women, to get involved in this social sport - as she says, you have
nothing to lose and lots of strength, health and fitness to gain!

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