Mingus fights the snow


Mingus Menzies-Baird and Chris Gibson’s fund-raising challenge for SSAFA, the Military Charity, which is in need of serious funds to fulfill its remit, is reaching its climax.

The challenge is on January 20th, 2018 - so will Mingus and Chris still be able to enjoy their Christmas Dinner? You bet you they will, but it’s back to the schedule on Boxing Day.

Mingus and Chris would not be doing this without the drive to raise money for SSAFA.

Mingus said 'It is certainly hurting more on deep snow with cold deep water everywhere.

We undertook (my map readings pretty good) to do 8 miles due to the paths all covered in snow we managed an extra 2 miles as got lost and had to back track or off track to get back. The Dolby Forest walks have hurt the most as it was so tough to map read as it is white everywhere!.

Can you support Mingus and Chris and contribute a few quid, if you are able and would be so kind.

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