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Mingus Menzies-Baird and Chris Gibson’s fund-raising challenge for SSAFA, the Military Charity, which is in need of serious funds to fulfill its remit, is reaching its climax. The challenge is on January 20th, 2018 - so will Mingus and Chris still be able to enjoy their Christmas Dinner? You bet you they will, but it’s back to the schedule on Boxing Day!

With only weeks to go to the SAS Fan Dance 24km challenge, fitness levels are being pressed hard. Kit-levels are now at the necessary weight with 3 litres of fluids, food, compass, map, sleeping bag, hat and gloves (so over 30lbs) but training sometimes includes the odd bottle of something refreshing for the finish and can be much higher! Mingus told Just Beverley: “One of our long training walks at the end of November was from the Minster. My kit-bag weighed 39.4lbs, pushed over the edge by 2 bottles of Guinness as a treat at the end. The last 2 miles were murder, with all that extra weight, but the Guinness did taste good!”
The lads are now doing spinning classes up wo 4 times a week, wearing a sweat bag to increase cardio effort, 12 miles of running and training walks. Chris unfortunately injured his foot in November so had to lay off the walking/running but increased his gym work to compensate.

One of Mingus’ and Chris’s favourite walks is a 12-miler called Jessie’s Loop which starts in Hovingham. At over 12 miles it covers some hilly terrain which increases the need for calories to maintain energy levels to keep warm in the cold weather as well as complete the walk, so they must eat and drink ‘on the hoof’. Apples have become a firm favourite as they hydrate and provide instant energy along with fruit cake for extra slow-release carbohydrate. Jessie’s Loop is just 3 miles short of the distance of the Fan Dance but
there is nowhere around here which can compete with the ruggedness of the Brecon Beacons or the extreme weather conditions
which Mingus and Chris are likely to face.

Mingus and Chris would not be doing this without the drive to raise money for SSAFA. We think they deserve everyone’s support
and would invite you to head over to the Just Giving page where you can contribute a few quid, if you are able and would be so kind.

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