Local Designer works on the big launch for Rugby brand (worldwide)

Samurai Rugby

Beverley based designer, Chamber of Trade member Nicolas Chambras is heavily involved with the new 3D Kit designer.

Samurai is a UK based company specialised in sports clothes and equipment. They are along with Rhino (US based company) and Under Armor (Canada based company) one the fastest growing companies in the sector.

Founded by a former rugby man, they started with rugby apparel and at the same time they started a rugby sevens program to engage with rugby players. Samurai are one of the most respected international teams (non national) in the invitational rugby sevens format.

Knowing about Nico's work for the rugby tournament, the marketing department approached him in October to work on the UI for their new 3D kit designer.

Nico worked with them from start on the user interface, implemented new ideas and developments. From his concept boards and development files, their IT genius Marcus worked his magic… and like everyone else, we will discover the final result next on Wednesday 1st March.

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