"I cannot wait to get started on my career"

Hemingway Bailey Team

‘’I cannot wait to get started on my career’’

These are the words of Evie Molloy who has just begun working at Hemingway Bailey as a trainee accountant on their apprentice scheme. Evie has set her sights on an accountancy career and was attracted by the variety of training on offer.
Evie, who is based in Beverley, is very positive about her training: “I am really looking forward to gaining practical experience of business early on in my training and that was what helped me to decide that Hemingway Bailey was where I wanted to train. As a company they work closely with clients & I am looking forward to learning about all the different businesses they work with whilst I continue my studies. It is a really good opportunity and I know my training will involve other business skills as well as accountancy. It has been a real confidence boost knowing Hemingway Bailey want to invest in me and I am really grateful for the opportunity“ .

For Alan Hemingway, a Director at the Beverley based Chartered Management Accountants, the apprentice scheme is beneficial for both parties: “Training and education is very important to us, both for our clients & staff. Our clients see us working closely with them and for the likes of Evie, we believe the training is not just about text books. The more skills that our staff have the better and so Evie will very quickly be introduced to business meetings and networking because the skills acquired here will help her progress in the future.  “

The training will not just be work based says Alan : “ As a company we believe in helping our community and as with other members of staff , Evie will spend some of her time mentoring with Hull Children’s University to both help the children of the area realise their potential but also to help Evie in her own personal development “ .

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