Four Good Causes benefit from the BCoT Pre Christmas Lunch

Dec 1, 2023

Every year the BCoT looks at a variety of ways to support local good causes, this year the Pre-Christmas Lunch proved to be a great success.

The pre-Christmas lunch celebration held at The Marne Restaurant, Beverley Golf Club, proved to be the ideal venue for a lunch with a festive ambiance, conversation, laughter, fun, food, and games along the way.

Business friends gathered to enjoy a lunch with a difference. Four local Charities attended the lunch, the concept Four teams, with business owners sat around the table to play and win money for their table / Charity. Each Charity was given a £50 BCoT money card to start the proceedings. Ensuring no charity went away empty-handed.

The games started with Ben representing P.A.U.L for Brain Recovery, up against Sasha, from ERT. “Card in a Box”. Despite Ben’s acting experience his bluff and double bluff was no match for Sasha, who walked away with the £50 card in a Box.

Starters were served, and Traditional family games were played to earn money for the charities lead to the final round for £250 BCoT money card. The teams had the chance to Putt to the line, the nearest the line took the rewards. The Champion Putter for the Day was Shaun from Flemingate. He said, “I work well under pressure, felt this was my moment, delighted to win the Money card for Steph’s charity”.

Having enjoyed the fantastic food served from the Christmas menu with a feast of traditional delights. Succulent roast turkey, glazed ham, and more with an array of delectable sides tempted taste buds, along with a variety of desserts.

The room resonated with the spirit of togetherness, creating lasting memories of warmth and merriment on this special pre-Christmas lunch.

All the Charities went away with BCoT money cards to help boost those much-needed funds.

Sasha from ERT commented, “The money won today will make a massive difference to the Theatre”.

Ben, Captain of the Golf Club said, “My Charity for the year P.A.U.L for Brain Recovery, will be delighted with the amount won”

Mingus Chair for SSAFA said, “The BCoT do a great job, we had a brilliant lunch, and great we walk away with some BCoT money cards”.

Steph from the Children’s Charity Transforming Lives for Good, commented,  “Such a BIG thank you to the Chamber, for a super Christmas Lunch, fantastic food, and a wonderful BCoT money card donation.

The BCoT Chair commented, “When businesses work together you can achieve great results, BCoT have shown again the important role they play. We wish everyone have a Merry healthy Christmas”.

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